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Our mission is to demystify the gallery experience and connect the local arts community. By curating work made by a mix of local and out of town artists, we seek to build connections between Cincinnati and the rest of the world.
We are a center for the arts community of Cincinnati. We believe that the creative process is one of constant rotation and change. As a gallery, we are set to the quick pace of changing aesthetics and our brand is no different. We don’t have a logo, we have thousands, constantly inspired by the moment. 
The Mean Street team is made up of practicing and professional artists. Currently, we are working in painting, drawing, poetry, music, design, printmaking, tattooing, sculpture and photography.
Primarily, we curate artists that exist outside the blanket of the art market. We provide opportunities to local artists to envision their work in a gallery context, some of whom may not have prior exhibition experience. Many of our artists also work in adjacent creative fields, such as music and tattooing. By pairing out of town artists with local artists, we are able to build connections and elevate the arts community by bringing the outside world in. 
We have a recurring open group show, The Meaner Pastures series, in which artists bring work to be installed the night of the opening. The show is hung salon style over the course of the evening, bringing together around 70 local artists. The experience is a room alive, with potential. Works with contrasting media, scale, and approach are hung next to one another with  ladders and drills are out in the gallery all night. It is a great place to meet other artists, and often participating artists will come together to trade work with one another.
We host poetry events, small music performances, and use our space to the fullest. We find our footing in the overlap of creative media, because we have our hands in everything possible.
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